Pretty into these looks.

Review: Maybelline Master Drama Khol Liner

At first glance, this seems like a winner product: Swatched on the back of my hand, the pencil glides on like butter, leaving a true ultra black line, and after the color sets, it doesn't budge, just fades without smearing despite rubbing.

Used on the eyes, however, it's a different story. First of all, the pencil is so soft. This makes it hard to get fine, accurate lines. Also, the black is really, really deep and dark. On the eyes, it looks quite harsh, clearly more suitable for dramatic looks and/or smokey eyes. Charcoal or brown would fit every day looks better maybe.

My greatest peeve, however, is this guarantees panda eyes after a few hours of wear! Again and again. Basically, only use this when you're committed to panda eyes! Although I have neither oily skin nor oily lids, the color transfers onto the bottom of my eyes fairly quickly. I swipe it away when I notice, but a little time afterwards, I have panda eyes again. Annoyed, I take off my make up to go to bed. The next morning, I have panda eyes again! I admit this liner is long-lasting, but this also makes it difficult to remove. By the end of the day, there is only so much rubbing with a cotton pad that my eyes can take. So I sit here, panda eyed again, and write this review exhausting the fingers of my hands counting down the number of times I had to wipe off black color off my bottom lids.

In conclusion, I admire this liner for its intense color, and its long-wearing capacities. But unless you know ways and means to prevent panda eyes effectively, this is a somewhat annoying product. And frankly, I had picked this up hoping for something quick and easy for every day. If it requires me to whip out eye lid primer and setting powder to ensure the pigments don't move, this simply isn't it.
Argh!! Don't you hate it when you're out and run into someone you know on the street, then you come home and look in the mirror and realize you've run around with panda eyes and looked so ugly!?!? Well, I certainly do -_- PANDA EYES MAKE ME FURIOUS!!!

Wishlist Wednesday: White

I'm thinking that for summer, I like the idea of going pure white. Just imagining it makes me happy.

And, yes, you're right, I'm apparently not into color much.

#1. – Two-piece set from Pixiemarket.
#2. – Top by H&M.
#3. – Shorts by ASOS.


Can we play a game?

Leave a comment on this post listing five things you associate with my style and/or my blog, what you think they say about myself as a person. There's nothing to win here, I'm really just curious!

The best men's fashion inspiration tumblrs

If you're into good style, I recommend the following tumblrs:

#1. – Les Freres Joachim is a blog about just that, two brothers by the surname Joachim. Sharp cuts, impeccable fits, smart outfits, and an absolute perfect sense of style.

#2. – Man's Guilt is a blog about men's fashion and lifestyle. It features everything from urban, quirky, to smart, focussing on details, and good style in general.

#3. – The People Purple is a Korean street fashion blog and not just about men's fashion per se. But the men's styles on here are so good. This should definitely be on your radar.
As an introvert, I have no problem with spending time alone. However, at one point during the day, I need a meaningful exchange with someone, or otherwise I'll feel lonely. I think this is the introvert's dilemma. Can't be with nor without other people.


I'm obsessed with clear, natural looking, dewy skin.

Gray matter

It's only when you take mirror outfit pictures that you notice how dirty your mirror is.

CHEAP earrings

In love with these earrings!

I am always looking for nice earrings, but I have become so incredibly picky about accessories. I like big statement fashion jewelry, things that catch your eye.

These are golden metallic, hoops, and therefore somewhat tacky, but in this funny ironic way – especially because they spell out CHEAP. Ha ha ha, right? Also, they jingle and bling bling so nicely. Yup, I really like them!

Currently testing

Bought three new things this week: the NYX HD Studio Photogenic Finishing Powder, the Maybelline Master Drama Khol Liner, and the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil. Will put all these to the test! They're all getting rave reviews on the internet. I am looking forward to see if the hypes are justified. Some reviews of my own are soon in order.
I'm not very social, as in, I prefer to spend time alone, or with only M. But when I make an effort to go out and do stuff with people, at one point they'll always disappoint me. Is it because my expectations are too high, or is it because I'm too strict? I guess both are one and the same thing anyway.

My weekend plans

  • Try this make up technique 
  • Check H&M (I want to try this blouse)
  • Have burgers
  • Attending the Distant Worlds: music from Final Fantasy concert, which I bought tickets for back in December!

Three habits that have changed my skin for the better!

Not so long ago, I had very troubled problem skin due to a lot of stress. I had hormonal breakouts almost non-stop, super dry, flaky skin, and redness due to irritations and scars. Now, there are no more breakouts, even during the winter my skin was supple, and the only redness is leftover scarring from past spots.

I posted three simple clear skin tips a while ago. Sticking to those points improved my skin a lot. But here are three more habits that have changed my skin for the better:

1. – I mentioned this some time ago, but quitting dairy products made the greatest difference! No more milk, yogurt, cream, or ice cream. My skin got consistently clearer almost immediately, I got close to no breakouts at all any longer, except around 'those' days each month likely due to hormones. But:

2. – Lately, I have picked up the habit of drinking gallons of organic sencha green tea. And I noticed that spots come even less now than before. I am safe even around 'those' days. Green tea also provides a huge number of additional health benefits, which is a huge plus of course.

3. – Inspired by this video, I massage my face and my neck in upward strokes from center to the outside when I cleanse or apply skin care. According to the video, the upwards out massage aids lymph drainage and purifies the skin. Indeed, my skin has become more glowing and healthy because I stick to this routine religiously.

Nike's been having a good run lately. I like the Roshe Run as well as the Airmax. And I do want their Heritage strapbag that I posted before. However, tomorrow I'll go try on the Blazers. Have been eyeing them from afar for some while now. Don't think they'll look good on me, but who knows.

Looking at these three pictures that I found completely unrelated from each other, I wonder if it's obligatory to pair these shoes with light boyfriend denim and a coat?

Pictures via Tumblr.

Wishlist Wednesday: summer accessories

1. – Nike Heritage strapbag.
2. – Bobbi Brown CC Cream with SPF 35. Evens out the skin tone, reduces the appearance of redness, lends the skin some additional glow, and has SPF – win!
3. – Cheap Monday sunglasses.

Blacking top

I happen to work together with some pretty creative people.

This top, for instance, is an ex-co-worker's design. It is handmade by her personally. I am looking forward to seeing more of her work.

Mousse au chocolat

OK, another quick recipe because I'm so impressed. This one's for a simple Mousse au chocolat for which you'll need nothing more than chocolate, and water! Yes, that's right, that's it.

I got the recipe from missboulette, who rocks, and you should check out her blog (in German).

200 ml water
225 gr dark chocolate (I used 70 % Lindt chocolate, but I think 60 % would be better because sweeter)

1. Prepare a bowl of ice water – it's really important the water is ice cold.
2. In a pot, slowly melt the chocolate with the water, stir until homogenous.
3. Pour the chocolate into a bowl which you then place into the other bowl with ice water, and whisk until stiff.


It's as easy as that. I also chopped a few pieces of chocolate and sprinkled the mousse with it. But that one's optional. Also, the longer it's cooled in the fridge, the stiffer it becomes. So don't wait too long. Eat immediately!
Dating advice says that "If a person’s pupils are dilated when they’re talking to you, they are more likely to be interested in you," but I honestly wonder how I'm the help supposed to tell???!!! I don't stare people that deeply into their eyes. Who does?

Also, that person could be high.

Thick stripes

When you see me wearing this sweater, it's a sure sign I could not be bothered. It goes with everything in this noncommittal, uninteresting kind of way, which makes it the most easily wearable item in my closet maybe. I wear this on weekends a lot.